Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mysql: Waiting for table metadata lock

While trying to execute alter table commands; lately it has started taking lot of time and hangs the server. It keeps executing the query and doesn't show any error. It took me a day to figure out a fix for this issue.

If you happen to get similar error then try doing the following:

  1. Run the command "show processlist";
  2. Run  'kill id" which shows this statement running.
This will terminate the command. But this is not the end of solution. Now while running the "Alter table" command; do the following:

  1. Run "show processlist".
  2. Check for all open mysql connections.
  3. Make sure you close all the connection except the one which you are connected by running kill id command.
  4. Now execute the "alter table" command
This worked for me and  I hope this will fix your problem of "waiting for table metadata lock" error.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Maintain Session across subdomain

To maintain your session variable across the subdomains in cakephp you need to do the following:

  1. Open app/config/bootstrap.php
  2. Add "ini_set('session.cookie_domain', '');" 
By default Cake is creating a cookie for each domain. With this you can use same sessions across subdomains.

Monday, December 17, 2012

GTPay Payment Module Integration with your shopping cart

I have created a module to integrate GTPay payment method and Interspire shopping cart.

It works on all versions of Interspire shopping cart.

Contact me if you want to discuss the module in detail.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Interspire Shopping Cart - Using max of coupon discount or discount rules

In Interspire shopping cart; there are various features to provide discounts to customers:

  1. Coupon Codes
  2. Discount Rules
  3. Customer Group Discount
I have worked on a module that checks for the maximum available discount from the above 3 options and applies only the higher discount to the cart. 

It works on all the Interspire themes and very easy to integrate.

Contact here if you want to get this integrated on your site.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Maintenance of your Interspire shopping cart

Interspire has discontinued the following products from July 1st 2012:
  • Interspire Shopping Cart
  • Interspire Knowledge Manager
  • Interspire Website Publisher

If you run a website using Interspire shopping cart and want to continue using the same software, then you can contact me for adding/customizing the features or bug fixing  to your existing site.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Try out ecommerce store for free for 30 days

Its always a good way to try out your online store for free before deciding on buying it.
Shopify offers a 30 day trial period in which you can try out the platform and see the features available before buying.

Also, there is no need to enter your credit card details for the trial version. Only once you are satisfied with the product and wish to purchase; the credit card details are required.

They offer various plan as per your store requirements.

In all the plans available, there is unlimited bandwidth support. 

If you sell less than 100 products, then you can choose the starter plan; but there are features like discount code coupon engine or real time carrier shipping which are available in other plans.

You can also upgrade, downgrade or cancel the plans anytime. There is no set up fees for any of the available plans.

If you wish to get started with your online store with Shopify, then signup and you are ready with your online store in minutes.

You can also read my post on "Create your online store in minutes"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Create your online store in minutes

Want to sell your products online but don't know how? 

Sign up for Shopify and get started with your online store within minutes.
  • Create your online store for free
  • Try out a demo
  • Reliable Ecommerce hosting service provided
  • Choose from the wide variety of themes or customize an existing theme
  • Add your products and images
  • Shopify integrates with over 50 payment gateways to allow your store to accept credit cards
  • Unlimited bandwidth support included
  • Automatic backup support for your data
  • Includes mobile commerce 
  • Extend the functionality of your online store by choosing from serveral Apps provided
Want to get stated with your store, then sign up here and explore the various features of Shopify

If you need help creating your online store then contact me and I can create it for you.

You can see a demo store as well.

Web server rejects utm_expid

Web server rejects utm_expid
Your server doesnt support added query arguments in urls

If you receive the above message while validating your Google analytics experiment then try to check the following cases:

1) Open the link which shows the error while validating and do "view source". Check if you can locate the experiment code in the file. If yes, then proceed for step 2. If you are not able to see the experiment code then the code is not mentioned at the correct page.

2) Now add some url parameters to the url. Suppose the url that you are trying to validate is "", then add few parameters in the url like "". Now see if the page is coming up properly and not going to a 404 or page not found error.
Now, do "view source" and check if the experiment code shows up on the same page as well.

I hope the above two cases will help you debug the issue.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

List of PHP IDE

Here is the list of commonly used PHP IDE:

  1. phpDesigner
  2. PHP Eclipse
  3. Zend Studio
  4. phpEdit
  5. EditPlus
  6. Notepad
  7. Dreamweaver

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Must haves on your online store or ecommerce website

Today,  I am sharing the tips that are required on your online store for increasing your produts visibility. The sales will increase when the probability of your products appearing on search results or visibility of the products are more.

  1. A section of "featured products" must appear on homepage.
  2. Keep changing the products listed on rotation basis to increase product visibility.
  3. Have an "All Products" page where customers can see all the products on a single page. No need to provide pagination. This can be sorted by category or in an alphabetical order.
  4. Compare Prices : provide an option to compare prices of similar products from your website or other related websites.
  5. Easy navigation to go back to search results page.
  6. Easy way of adding multiple products together to the shopping cart.
  7. Product information should be listed in a proper manner.
  8. Highlight the  key specifications and provide all the possible information that may help customers to make their buying decision easier.
  9. Provide an option of contact in case they need any further information for the product before buying.
  10. The product image should be clear and should be same as that of the product being delivered.
  11. The image should not be too heavy to load and provide more (i.e from different angles rear,front etc.) images of the product.
  12. The page should load faster.
If you would like to share some ideas or incorporate the above tips on your ecommerce website or would like to start you own ecommerce website, then contact me for details.