Saturday, July 21, 2012

Must haves on your online store or ecommerce website

Today,  I am sharing the tips that are required on your online store for increasing your produts visibility. The sales will increase when the probability of your products appearing on search results or visibility of the products are more.

  1. A section of "featured products" must appear on homepage.
  2. Keep changing the products listed on rotation basis to increase product visibility.
  3. Have an "All Products" page where customers can see all the products on a single page. No need to provide pagination. This can be sorted by category or in an alphabetical order.
  4. Compare Prices : provide an option to compare prices of similar products from your website or other related websites.
  5. Easy navigation to go back to search results page.
  6. Easy way of adding multiple products together to the shopping cart.
  7. Product information should be listed in a proper manner.
  8. Highlight the  key specifications and provide all the possible information that may help customers to make their buying decision easier.
  9. Provide an option of contact in case they need any further information for the product before buying.
  10. The product image should be clear and should be same as that of the product being delivered.
  11. The image should not be too heavy to load and provide more (i.e from different angles rear,front etc.) images of the product.
  12. The page should load faster.
If you would like to share some ideas or incorporate the above tips on your ecommerce website or would like to start you own ecommerce website, then contact me for details. 

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