Friday, August 3, 2012

Create your online store in minutes

Want to sell your products online but don't know how? 

Sign up for Shopify and get started with your online store within minutes.
  • Create your online store for free
  • Try out a demo
  • Reliable Ecommerce hosting service provided
  • Choose from the wide variety of themes or customize an existing theme
  • Add your products and images
  • Shopify integrates with over 50 payment gateways to allow your store to accept credit cards
  • Unlimited bandwidth support included
  • Automatic backup support for your data
  • Includes mobile commerce 
  • Extend the functionality of your online store by choosing from serveral Apps provided
Want to get stated with your store, then sign up here and explore the various features of Shopify

If you need help creating your online store then contact me and I can create it for you.

You can see a demo store as well.


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